Thomas H. Garver, Author

... writing about Oliveira's process as a search for the figure by painting and repainting perhaps twenty to twenty-five images on a single canvas, "The act of leaving good paintings underneath, perhaps ones even better than the final work, was part of the Abstract Expressionist mythos which declared that no gesture should be regarded as so precious that it could not be sacrificed in the attempt to make a work of art even stronger. Further, it was also critical to "accumulate a surface," because the surface color and texture required evidence of the work beneath it. Even time as a linear and gestural element played an important role in the creation of these works. While working on a painting, a silent question would be asked, answered, and asked again: Has the time within the gesture been adequate? Has sufficient time been spent painting and contemplating a specific work of art to insure that the right intellectual, experimental, and gestural options have been tested? If the answer was yes, the painting may be completed."