Susan Rothenberg

"I start on a canvas by gessoing it and making some marks on it, some marks of paint in black and white. I usually have a sense of what I want to do from my previous painting. Either I do nothing that I did in the last painting or I take it one step fruther. Sometimes I'll make a plan for a painting on the back of an envelope or on a slip of paper. I'll paint this here, this there, that here, to try it. I might just look at the preliminary sketch and rough it onto the canvas, and the painting is started. Then I apply more paint, scrape some off, more paint, paint it out, paint it black, paint it white, paint it black, paint it white again, paint it black again, and I'm under way. I sit in front of it and think about it between all the painting, and then it starts clarifying itself to me. It's all a struggle. If it weren't I'd be doing four paintings a day. It's just not that simple; I don't know what should be there until it gets there."