Stephen De Staebler

"It helps bridge the gulf when the other person or the image in the art is less complete. I think everyone feels inadquacies, incompleteness; and of course the worst of society is trying to pretend you do not have these limitations, violating, possibly irreparably, your own uniqueness, which is largely a factor of incompleteness."

"I want to express the quality of erosion in the loss of limbs over time and the rooting of the figure to the earth in time, so that it becomes in its way an extension of earth, which we are.We only exist by the grace of the earth's nature."

"I'm really taken by frontal imagery, I think because I identify so much with my own body. The human body has a frontal orientation for life: our eyes on one side; all our senses are oriented toward the front. And we know life through this frontality."