Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg – “Perpetual Inventory”, “Random Order”, “(art)…something without rules”,

“I always felt that if I can’t do something that I don’t like, then I’m losing my touch. I think the role of an artist is not to be good, but to be something else. “Good” is measurable. I don’t think that the quality of art is ever totally measurable.”

 “The old thing about the internal dialectic of contradicting yourself, which is cathartic – the only thing that leads to something new. I have to use contradiction in my work not to achieve something but to avoid something else. That sets me up for some schizophrenic tension. It must go with my being a Libra cusp on Scorpio.”

"People ask me, 'Don't you ever run out of ideas?' In the first place I don't use ideas. Every time I have an idea it's too limiting, and usually turns out to be a disappointment. But I haven't run out of curiosity."