Julian Schnabel

 Julian Schnabel – About Being A Student:

“I made a painting called “Red Cross Painting for Norman Fisher” that had on it a nurse’s hat made of plaster. David Diao and another painter, Gary Stephan, came over to my studio and looked at it. Because it seemed extra to them, they both thought I should cut out the nurse’s hat. I took their advice and ruined the painting.

Thinking about the nurse’s hat now, I realize what I learned: never listen to anybody when it comes to being responsible for your own paintings. It’s a mistake for young artists to want to please older ones. They’re going to make you take out of your paintings the very things that most characterize them as yours. You might think that someone is really smarter than you are, or wiser, or more experienced, and they may be. But you can’t listen to them because nobody knows better than you what you need to do. Most older artists are going to try to get you to conform to the standards that you are out to destroy anyway.” 

"(Art) It's just a way to cheat death."