Eric Fischl

"The first several days of painting are almost blindfolded.  The first day I might just cover the canvas with color or some image.  It's just to get rid of all that white, or begin to get a surface.  I'll knock stuff around in an absentminded or erratic way, not making any hard decisions, until I reach the point at which I've rendered something that I like.  When I have , when I've found something that I really like, then I want to save it.  This means that I have to make the rest of the painting come up to it.  That's when the painting becomes concentrated and specific decisions are being made.  Usually what happens is that the rest of the painting has moved beyond the part that I was trying to save.  That part is holding the rest of the painting back.  So I have to destroy the part that I loved.  That's a very painful, frightening moment. When those moments of change occur, I feel very vulnerable.  I feel I'm going into the unknown."